Ningxia Zhonghui Times International Exhibition Co.,LTD.

Exhibition and Display

Ningxia Zhonghui Times International Exhibition Co., Ltd. has sufficient implementation experience in exhibition organization, due to its independent exhibition research team, expert analysis team, and senior exhibition brand consulting and planning team. Since the completion of the Yinchuan International Conference and Exhibition Center in 2008, the company has been providing basic construction, special construction and supporting services for various exhibitions and exposition projects. The company has successively hosted a series of "China · Yinchuan International Automobile Expo", "China-Arab States Expo", "Yinchuan Double Eleven Auto Show", "Yinchuan Spring Auto Show" and "China Yinchuan Sugar and Wine Countdown Fair” and other quality exhibitions. Backed by the experience accumulated in multiple years in exhibition operation and implementation, we have pooled together a large number of industry resources and industry customers. We have irreplaceable advantages in exhibition investment, exhibition layout, exhibition promotion, exhibition management, home court service, home court acceptance, cost control, safety management, etc.

1. Exhibition Organizing

With the abundance in customer resources, perfect marketing channels, and coordination with government departments, industry associations, and trading organizations, we take it as our duty to present unique brand experience to our customers, and to bring about quality exhibitions with excellent and thoughtful services. What’s more, the company has exclusive industrial rights in hosting exhibitions at home and abroad, overseas exhibition grouping, overseas business study grouping, and exhibition transportation. The all-round and integrated professional exhibition organization earned the company universal praise from customers.

2. Exhibition Home Court

The company provides exhibition organizers with: exhibition creative planning, overall media promotion, exhibition attraction and visiting, big data management for exhibition operation, exhibition equipment rental (multimedia, green plants, tables and chairs, consumables), public relation exhibition layout (ambiance creation, advertising position construction, basic construction) logistics warehouse, security and housekeeping, tent setting up, food and other on-site services. In addition, top-level overall planning and coordination capabilities are at the heart of our home court operations. From the retrieval of exhibition information, the partition and construction of special booths, to the promotion and performance evaluation of the exhibition, we stand in the perspective of brand promotion and management to help customers gain competitive advantages.
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