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Ningxia Zhonghui Times International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise dedicated to providing comprehensive conference services, the exhibition and exposition, brand promotion, design and construction service to global customers. By virtue of our professional market insight, analysis and experience, the company can efficiently provide creative ideas, planning, execution and other services for conference and exhibition projects, with a well-established service system and strong resource integration capabilities. With regard to various kinds of supporting services for the cultural industry, we customize exclusive solutions for customers and provide team service supporting.

The company is located at the venue of the Yinchuan International Conference and Exhibition Center. Due to the advantages brought by the venue, with many years of experience and many senior industry elites, the company now has a large knowledge treasury of large-scale exhibition management and a strong executive team. Supported by rich experience in team operation of conferences and strong planning and execution capabilities, the company accurately meets the conference requirements, from planning to creative design, valuing the feasibility of the meeting, and strictly controls the meeting process. Now, it has delivered services for more than 100 comprehensive conferences; the golden exhibition, “China · Yinchuan International Automobile Expo”, built by the company, has been successfully held for 11 sessions as the largest and most complete professional auto show in the Northwest China, winning high praise from the industry and customers, and making the company the benchmark enterprise in Ningxia and even the Northwest China.

The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of “customized design, craftsmanship, value-added services” and live up to the commitment of “pragmatic, professional and efficient service”. We are dedicated to providing our customers with “one-stop” exhibition services from planning and design to project execution and help customers achieve the business objectives including promoting corporate brands and products and improving social visibility.

I. Conference Services

The company provides customers with quality management services including planning and execution, hotel reservations, exquisite gifts, media reports, travel customization, conference proceedings printing, simultaneous interpretation, and business reception. It is abundant in hosts, actors, etiquette personnel, models and other high-quality human resources. The high-quality service staff equipped for conferences will make it more perfect. Tailored services for customers, with flexible and innovative solutions are all for the customers ultimate needs.

II. Exhibition and Display

Ningxia Zhonghui Times International Exhibition Co., Ltd. has sufficient implementation experience in exhibition organization, due to its independent exhibition research team, expert analysis team, and senior exhibition brand consulting and planning team. Since the completion of the Yinchuan International Conference and Exhibition Center in 2008, the company has been providing basic construction, special construction and supporting services for various exhibitions and exposition projects. The company has successively hosted a series of "China · Yinchuan International Automobile Expo", "China-Arab States Expo", "Yinchuan Double Eleven Auto Show", "Yinchuan Spring Auto Show" and "China Yinchuan Sugar and Wine Countdown Fair” and other quality exhibitions. Backed by the experience accumulated in multiple years in exhibition operation and implementation, we have pooled together a large number of industry resources and industry customers. We have irreplaceable advantages in exhibition investment, exhibition layout, exhibition promotion, exhibition management, home court service, home court acceptance, cost control, safety management, etc.

1. Exhibition Organizing

With the abundance in customer resources, perfect marketing channels, and coordination with government departments, industry associations, and trading organizations, we take it as our duty to present unique brand experience to our customers, and to bring about quality exhibitions with excellent and thoughtful services. What’s more, the company has exclusive industrial rights in hosting exhibitions at home and abroad, overseas exhibition grouping, overseas business study grouping, and exhibition transportation. The all-round and integrated professional exhibition organization earned the company universal praise from customers.

2. Exhibition Home Court

The company provides exhibition organizers with: exhibition creative planning, overall media promotion, exhibition attraction and visiting, big data management for exhibition operation, exhibition equipment rental (multimedia, green plants, tables and chairs, consumables), public relation exhibition layout (ambiance creation, advertising position construction, basic construction) logistics warehouse, security and housekeeping, tent setting up, food and other on-site services. In addition, top-level overall planning and coordination capabilities are at the heart of our home court operations. From the retrieval of exhibition information, the partition and construction of special booths, to the promotion and performance evaluation of the exhibition, we stand in the perspective of brand promotion and management to help customers gain competitive advantages.

III. Brand Promotion

It consists of public relation activities, conference services and brand promotion. Based on grasping the connotation and communication effects of brands and activities, we focus on the deep requirements and service standards of customers, and concentrate on in-depth research and analysis of public relation services background and industry characteristics. We use resource integration and unique communication methods to accurately deliver customer thinking, make timely and appropriate changes for customers, provide customers with comprehensive and diversified public relation programs and services, and further create business advantages and brand advantages for enterprises.

1. Public Relation Activities

The company concentrates on events planning and execution, brand promotion, media public relation activities, and cooperation in circle resources. With unique strategic thinking and keen market insight, a unique strategy system is formed to meet every customer’s need. Provide professional, integrated and enforceable strategic solutions through reasonable resource integration strategy

2. Brand Promotion

It pays attention to digging brand value, in-depth analysis of market conditions, grasping the advantages of products, and customizing cost-effective delivery solutions with precision and effectiveness. The team has established cooperative relationships with hundreds of media, including high-quality media such as TV, paper media, radio, print media, outdoor media, and the Internet.

IV. Design and Build

The company is committed to providing customers with the most reasonable and most valuable design and construction services, incorporating the requirements of each brand concept and display quality into its operation. After years of hard work, it has become a professional exhibition company with advanced exhibition ability and space design in the province, providing customers with professional, large-scale, international and brand-oriented services.

1. Special Works

The department of special works was established in 2008. The company owns an 800-square-meter production workshop, more than 40 professional production staff, and a number of professional welding personnel, professional electricians and a few excellent designers. The collection display, production, sales, leasing, special booth design, construction, layout and other aspects of the exhibition can be integrated into one step, fully meeting your high-end construction layout taste.

2. Visual Design

Visual design services include: major image design, VI/CI/SI/design, packaging, bookbinding, albums and more. By combining the space design, we can provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality design packaging services.

3. Display Space

The company has three major segments including project special construction, visual design and exhibition space, providing overall positioning, brand layout, functional planning, brand building, image specification, architectural planning and design, indoor and outdoor space design, landscape design, decoration gadget design, guidance system design and other integrated design.

The top-level design, combined with experienced management, engineering skills and meticulous craftsmanship, has created hundreds of success stories for many well-known companies with precise positioning and innovative performance techniques. These results are excellent, and therefore we enjoy a good reputation among customers.

After years of rapid and steady development, the company has always maintained a high sense of responsibility and is committed to being a good company recognized by the society. We firmly believe that only by doing an adequate homework of improving its service quality and customer satisfaction can we go faster, better and further; adhere to the business philosophy of "innovation-driven, quality service", and strive to be the industry spearhead.

Going forward, the company will continue to keep a foothold in northwest China, be oriented to the whole country, and deeply implement its development strategy of “going global”. Actively innovate and be brave in reform, and move toward the development goal of “leading the regional development and striving for domestic first class”. Ningxia Zhonghui Times International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will stand against the wind and will surely harvest along the way and receive magnificent glory!
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