Ningxia Zhonghui Times International Exhibition Co.,LTD.

Brand Promotion


It consists of public relation activities, conference services and brand promotion. Based on grasping the connotation and communication effects of brands and activities, we focus on the deep requirements and service standards of customers, and concentrate on in-depth research and analysis of public relation services background and industry characteristics. We use resource integration and unique communication methods to accurately deliver customer thinking, make timely and appropriate changes for customers, provide customers with comprehensive and diversified public relation programs and services, and further create business advantages and brand advantages for enterprises.

1. Public Relation Activities

The company concentrates on events planning and execution, brand promotion, media public relation activities, and cooperation in circle resources. With unique strategic thinking and keen market insight, a unique strategy system is formed to meet every customer’s need. Provide professional, integrated and enforceable strategic solutions through reasonable resource integration strategy

2. Brand Promotion

It pays attention to digging brand value, in-depth analysis of market conditions, grasping the advantages of products, and customizing cost-effective delivery solutions with precision and effectiveness. The team has established cooperative relationships with hundreds of media, including high-quality media such as TV, paper media, radio, print media, outdoor media, and the Internet

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