Ningxia Zhonghui Times International Exhibition Co.,LTD.

Exhibition Home Court

The company provides exhibition organizers with: exhibition creative planning, overall media promotion, exhibition attraction and visiting, big data management for exhibition operation, exhibition equipment rental (multimedia, green plants, tables and chairs, consumables), public relation exhibition layout (ambiance creation, advertising position construction, basic construction) logistics warehouse, security and housekeeping, tent setting up, food and other onsite services. In addition, toplevel overall planning and coordination capabilities are at the heart of our home court operations. From the retrieval of exhibition information, the partition and construction of special booths, to the promotion and performance evaluation of the exhibition, we stand in the perspective of brand promotion and management to help customers gain competitive advantages.

Working time:09:00—18:00
Contact phone number: 0951-6839110
No.169 middle Beijing road, jinfeng district, yinchuan city, ningxia hui autonomous region